We are a 'take and bake' carry-out restaurant serving the Pinckney, Michigan area. We have a rotating entree menu that changes weekly.

 If you're interested in delicious meals that you can cook at home with minimal hands-on cooking time, you'll love our Fresh Take.

You can order as few as 1 serving. 

Pickup is free or we have a limited delivery range for an additional $5.

Talk to us to arrange for once-a-week free local delivery for seniors.

Our Mission

Fresh Take Home Cooking strives to provide fresh, delicious meals to cook at home with minimal hands-on cook time, allowing customers to spend their precious time enjoying dinner with their family, instead of preparing meals and doing dishes.

Preparing meals for ourselves and our loved ones takes time and energy.  Making meal decisions, going to the store, washing, chopping and measuring ingredients.  These are not insurmountable tasks.  But they add up.  We want to make meals at home more readily available by doing the shopping, preparing and assembling for you, and making cleanup as easy as possible.

We not only have to make meal decisions for ourselves, but we have parents, grandparents or extended family who have to weigh these same factors and may not have the the option or ability to go shopping or prepare themselves good food or may have a limited budget to meal plan with. Seniors have a tougher time.  It's not always cost effective to prepare good, nutritious meals for just one or two servings.  We want to make sure ALL of our family can eat good food that's affordable, even down to a single serving.

We live in Pinckney.  We are local.  We shop locally.  We want to serve locally.  With Love, from our kitchen to yours.

I'm not a real person, but if I were, I'd order Gwen's food every single day!

Mary Smith
not a real local celebrity

About Us

- Gwen and Erik Thompson,

store owners

Gwen loves cooking, Erik loves helping Gwen cook, we both love good food, and we've always enjoyed cooking for others.  That's really all it boils down to.  

We grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, but graduated from rival universities (Michigan and Michigan State).  We don't let the rivalry get in the way. (Go Green!)(Go Blue!)

We have enjoyed (and still enjoy) careers in IT.  Although, during the pandemic, Gwen re-examined her career.  She still loves the type of work she was doing, but wanted to take a break and pursue her passion for cooking and serving others.  She wanted to be able to explore this idea of a take and bake restaurant.

If you ask us how the idea of Fresh Take Home Cooking came to us, we would have to give you a tiny scrap of a longer story.  We come from a busy family.  We both had full time jobs, and had kids' activities and our own activities that consumed the majority of our free time.  We often ate family meals after 8 or 9pm just because we were running around all day.  On those days, we often did not have the energy or willpower to fix our own meals and tended to pick up an easier option, like fast food. We would joke about our eating habits.  "We would eat better if someone would cut things up for us."  Vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread.  You name it, we felt we would enjoy these things more often if someone simply did the work for us.  In our busy schedule, we would have loved to have found a service that would take out the majority of the time and effort involved with making good every day meals.  Something better than frozen dinners.  Something we felt better about than fast food.  Something that wasn't as expensive as going out to a restaurant.  Something easier than fixing it ourselves at home.  We wanted then what we provide now.

We are blessed with close-knit families, and we believe in helping and sharing with others when you have the power to do so. There is a small handful of charities and foundations we support, to name a few: The ChadTough Foundation, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and The SophieStrong Memorial Fund.


We are in the Chilson Commons shopping center, around the corner from Kroger, between Subway and the tobacco store.

Fresh Take Home Cooking

9670 Chilson Commons Circle, Hamburg, MI


Monday - Thursday

11 am - 7 pm


11 am - 6:30 pm

Saturday - Sunday